Merlin PA Head north to Ross County for JLS and Olly Muirs

Merlin PA have returned from a journey that saw the team heading as far north as they have ever been.
Dingwall, the home of Ross County FC sits closer to the North pole than Moscow.....

The show was for JLS and Olly Muirs for a packed 10,000 strong crowd

Merlin PA back on the Horses

Merlin PA have once again teamed up with Liz Hobbs Group for a series of summer concerts after racing.

Newbury Racecourse

The first shows teamed up Neal Allen with FOH / Production manager (The Wanted) Andrew Thornton for the first time since the Girls Aloud out of control tour with The Wanted thrilling Doncaster and Newbury racecourses this month.

Nadine Coyle Acoustic Set

Nadine Coyle is IN Demand

Nadine appeared in

playing fully LIVE and acoustic.... a journey followed on the sleeper train which was like a scene out of a James Bond movie..


Nadine in rehearsals

Rehearsals are underway and the band are amazing the songs are rocking..

Merlin PA In Brazil

Merlin PA attended the 55th Barretos Rodeo in Ibeiro Preto

They sure grow them big out here, must be the water

Nice hat there ......

this looks a little dangerous...